We’ve created a few pages with help for specific aspects of web authoring. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need additional information.

Your web administration team webmaster@u3ajavea.com

Activity groups header

Essential information required for each group post: Group Leader:
Meeting Venue:
eeting Day and Time:
Accepts new members: Yes/No/Waiting list in operation

Add a simple gallery to a post

When you want to include a number of pictures in a post, you can use the simple gallery block offered by the standard editor. If you want more control over formatting and display of pictures you can use Envira Gallery, instructions here: https://u3ajavea.com/info/create-image-galleries/ Select a gallery block You will be ...


Our website is based on categories, it's therefore essential to understand how they work in order to use them correctly. To avoid interfering with other users on the website, please only use the categories you have been assigned. When creating a post, you assign a category, which controls where it ...

Category list

A list of categories available with an explanation on their use. Valid as of 25 March 2019 - purely indicative, as categories are subject to change. To avoid interfering with the website and other groups, please only use the category assigned to your group. Post categories Event categories ...

Create Envira image gallery

You can use Envira Gallery to create an image gallery with advanced formatting and control over your pictures and their descriptions. You can use a simple gallery, provided by the native editor, to create simple image galleries - instructions: https://u3ajavea.com/info/add-a-gallery-to-a-post/ Select Envira Gallery from your Dashboard. You will have the ...

Enable Post or Event expiration

The Post Expiration allows you to set a date and time on which your post will automatically be deleted or undergo some other action. Click on Enable Post Expiration, then select a date and time when the post should expire You will see a menu of choices what to do ...

Event 2. Repeating

You need to be logged in to create or edit an event. You should have the original post and the new event in two separate tabs, so that you can move between them as you copy and paste elements of your new event. Completed repeating group event Open the group ...

History – create Event

Locate the + sign at the top of your toolbar, select Event to create new event Enter Title, Date, Start and End Time Provide Event Location: Casa de la Cultura, Jávea Enter the lecturer's name (in bold), paste the synopsis below Click on Media (above the text box), then select ...

How to Post on the Website – handout

You can read online or print out the handout on basic web authoring we have prepared for our authors. Corrections and feedback to: webmaster@u3ajavea.com ...