Our website netiquette

Hints and Tips

Remember you are sending something to the World Wide Web so anyone anywhere in the world can see it.

  1. Assign clear, short titles
  2. Always write in short clear sentences
  3. Aim your message at an unknown audience in a friendly manner, don’t personalize it to your group members
  4. Avoid the use of jargon or acronyms that non-members might not understand
  5. Try to be clear and concise but include all relevant details for your reader
  6. Keep in mind your and other people’s privacy and safety
    1. Use only the official U3A email address
    2. Don’t include your own or anybody else’s personal email, telephone number or home address
  7. Try not to cut and paste from another document as the text will be converted to the one set for the site and may not look right after conversion
  8. Photos (jpeg, jpg or png) that you upload need to be good quality, at least 1024 pixels for the width
  9. Do not use compressed or small photos as they will not look good when the site automatically expands them – they will be pixelated and fuzzy
  10. If in doubt, check with the Groups Coordinator or the web administration team