Welcome to Jávea U3A, where the fun of learning never stops, and friendships are made along the way. Here’s a peek into what we’re all about:

Learning and Sharing: Whether you’re into crafts, languages, or history, we’ve got something for everyone. It’s all about sharing knowledge and skills in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Everyone’s Welcome: English may be our main language, but diversity is our strength. We’ve got members from all over, representing 15 different nationalities. The more, the merrier!

Fun Learning, No Pressure: Forget exams and grades. Learning here is all about enjoying the journey. Plus, many activities are just for fun, helping us build a strong sense of community.

Meetings and More: Come and see us at our monthly meetings which include formal get together sessions at least three times a year, where we gather for the AGM, guest speakers, and of course, making new friends over coffee.

Group Activities Galore: Dive into our array of group activities led by passionate leaders. Whether it’s a regular meeting or a special trip, there’s always something exciting happening.

Joining in: Once you’re a member, simply choose the groups that spark your interest. If a group is full, don’t worry! The leader will let you know when a space becomes free or if there’s enough people, we might set up another group!

So come on in, and let’s embark on this learning adventure together!

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