The U3A Jávea has a long history of charitable giving.

For 2023 we decided we would choose a different charity each time we did any fund raising. We do this by holding raffles at social events, additional cost to ticket prices and sponsored activities. Other ideas are always welcome.

We also have crockery and cutlery for hire, the cost of which is very reasonable and goes to charity.

If you wish to make a donation now, you can do so into the U3A Javea bank account and we will add it to other donations we receive from other sources.

You can do this by bank transfer to Sabadell IBAN: ES17 0081 0660 0700 0234 1342 clearly marking your payment ‘Charity’. You may also give your name if your wish.

Alternatively you can make a donation using your bank card by clicking the button below which takes you to Sabadell bank secure payment system. You can notify the Treasurer by email if you wish to have your name associated with a payment otherwise all we see are the last 4 digits of your payment card with no other details.

Or you can scan the QR code with your phone to take you to the same secure payment system.