AGM Procedure

The AGM is held annually on the last Wednesday of March for members only to receive information and vote on the following:

  • Approve or reject the Financial statement
  • Approve the Annual Report of Activities
  • Approve or reject any fees to be levied
  • Election of Committee Members
  • Any other proposal

All votes (including for the Committee Election) will be by a show of hands for which green (yes) and red (no) cards will be provided to every member who attends and is noted on the AGM Membership List at the meeting.

For members who cannot attend the meeting they can appoint a Proxy to attend on their behalf who can be the President or another member.

A member can authorise a Proxy to vote as they see fit or as instructed on the form which must be presented at the meeting to allow the issue of extra voting cards.

The Proxy form can be completed on screen click here and submitted electronically to the Election Auditor who will arrange for the AGM Membership List to be annotated accordingly.

A printed version of the form can be collected at the February General Meeting or downloaded from this site here.

Any member who holds a Proxy vote for another member will receive additional voting cards when they identify themselves at the AGM registration desk.

All members will be notified by email at least 6 days before the meeting of the Agenda and other necessary information.