The U3A Jávea is governed, administered, and represented by an Executive Committee, who are volunteer members elected each year by the membership at the Annual General Meeting . They are assisted in this task by an IT Team and some Non-Committee Helpers.

Each of the Committee posts has a Job Description outlining the responsibilities of the role and the skills and knowledge needed to perform the role.

See the U3A Jávea Statutes for rules governing how the Association operates.

1. President

Claude Grealy Claude Grealy Tasks and Duties
  1. Provide leadership and legal representation of the Association through the delegation ...

2. Vice President

Krystyna Stefancyzk Krystyna Stefanczyk Tasks and Duties
  1. Organise all General Meetings including the AGM ensuring that the venue is ...

3. Secretary

Margaret March Tasks and Duties
  1. The writing and distribution of notices calling for meetings as directed by the President.
  2. The ...

4. Treasurer

Henrik Rasmussen Tasks and Duties
  1. To preparing the statement of accounts and balance sheet as follows:
  2. (a) Presentation of ...

5. Membership Secretary

Jim Short Tasks and Duties
  1. Maintaining and updating the database containing details of all members of the Association.
  2. ...

6. Groups Coordinator

Mike Frost Tasks and Duties 1. Encourage and facilitate new group activities, ensuring that groups are set up correctly ...

7. Communications Officer

Steve Young (and my dog Maxie) Tasks and Duties
  1. To ensure members are kept up to date with ...