Three different methods

1. By bank transfer:

Transfers from banks in the UK now cost us 18€ as an automatic deduction from our account regardless of the amount of the payment received. You must add this amount to your transfer if you are going to pay in this way otherwise we do not receive your full payment.

When paying by bank transfer please quote the name of the trip/event, and name/s of people attending, otherwise we will not be able to allocate it to the correct event and person. Always keep a copy of your receipt/confirmation in case of queries.

  • Account Name: Asociación Social de la Tercera Edad de Jávea
  • Address: Carretera Cabo de la Nao 116, 03738 Platja de l’Arenal
  • IBAN: ES17 0081 0660 0700 0234 1342 

2. By card payment:

We accept all debit and credit cards for EU and non-EU countries.

All events and trips can be paid by bank card and a link to the secure payment screens will be given either when you submit a booking form if you have completed one

or once you have registered with the group leader by email and they send the link to you.

If you wish to pay by card and have not been given a link please contact

3. By cash paid into our bank account:

You can pay cash into any bank machine by using the IBAN number and entering some reference information for us to recognise your payment. Click the button below to find the details you need.