Group Leaders have the freedom to manage their groups as they think best to suit their activity. 

Although each of the Group Leaders may chose a different way to run their group there are guidelines as below by which they must all abide for the benefit of all members.  

1. The Group Leader must be a paid up member of the U3A Jávea and the people in the group must also be paid up members of the U3A Jávea.

2. The Group Leader must respond to emails U3A Jávea members or those enquiring about the Group in a timely manner.

3. The Group must be open and prepared to accept new members unless there is a restriction on the numbers for a venue or particular activity. Once a group reaches its limit the Group Leader must operate a waiting list and must select from this list in date of application order.

4. Member can only participate in one of any multiple groups for the same activity to allow as many as possible to enjoy the activity. 

5. Group Leaders may not exclude a U3A Jávea member from their Group for any reason other than capacity. If an exclusion is being considered Group Leaders are required to send a written explanation of the circumstances to the Groups Coordinator who will consider the case and advise accordingly.

Members Personal Information

1. Group leaders will often collect email addresses and possibly phone numbers from their group members in order to keep in touch. This information must be kept secure and confidential and never disclosed to anyone without express permission of the person concerned.

2. When sending emails to the whole group the Bcc facility must be used so that members cannot see each other’s email addresses.


1. If photographs are taken at a group event the Group Leader must ask whether anyone objects to being included as the photographs may be published on the website and/or on the private U3A Jávea Facebook group.