Insert PDF into a post (if you must)

Use of PDF files is deprecated on our site for various reasons:

  1. PDFs are not included in searches so you can’t easily find them
  2. Many if not most of our users access our site through their tablets and smartphones. Our site is designed to adapt to this and to scale and reflow pages so that they can be easily read, whatever your device. However, PDFs will not scale and reflow, making their reading difficult if not impossible on small devices

However, sometimes it makes sense to use PDFs files, e.g. when you are posting an official document with signatures, like our Constitution, or a document like the prospectus of a trip, formatted so that participants can print it for reference.

Please note that this procedure applies to posts (using the Gutenberg editor) not to calendar events. Calendar events use a different type of editor, which does not support the same procedures for embedding or attaching files.

  1. Upload your PDF file to the media library
    1. Go to the Dashboard, select Media->Add New – follow the instructions to upload the file. Give your file a meaningful name, as you will have to retrieve it from the media library when you want to insert it into your post
  2. Create a post, then use the Add block icon at the top left of your editing window
  3. If you type PDF in the search window, you will be presented with two choices: PDF Embedder of File – use the one which suits best your purpose, by linking the PDF file uploaded previously to the media library to the type of block you wish to use:
    1. PDF Embedder allows you to display the content of your PDF within a window in your post
    2. File allows your readers to click on the link to download the PDF file which you uploaded previously to the media library
Upload your PDF file to the Media Library
Search for block containing “PDF”
After selecting type of block, locate in the Media Library the PDF you uploaded previously
The PDF embedder block will allow your readers to view the PDF online
The File block with allow your readers to download your PDF for reference and printing