The President’s Report March 2019

Now is the time for all good members to come to the Annual General Meeting.

This is the last ‘President’s Report’ for this session.  I don’t actually know how many of you read my words but I hope I haven’t yet offended anyone, committed any faux pas or political incorrectness.

We have had a very good year charitably.

  • We raised a lot of money for Todos Juntos Javea. 
  • We raised money for Cancer Research with sales of calendars created by the Water Colour Painting group, let us hope they do that again this year.
  • Mike Frost had us wrapping gifts and vouchers for the children of Make a Smile at Christmas
  • The Poppy appeal gained from our generosity.

The only breakdown I can actually give you, is for Todos Juntos Javea

  • From raffles at various events, book and DVD sales at the
    Parador                                                                                                      3,113.00€
  • From Spanish Culture and Cuisine Christmas Party                                 250.00€
  • From sales of Christmas Cards donated by Theresa Hulme,
    Shirley King and myself                                                                           117.00€
  • From the collection tins                                                                            129.50€
    • A grand total of                            3,609.50€

Didn’t we do well??  If I have missed a charitable donation please forgive me, we are such a generous bunch I may have inadvertently forgotten one or two.  I am sure you will remind me.

Ian Rogerson, our Communications Officer, has proposed a prize for the 500th member to sign up to the FaceBook page, so get your requests in, we are nearly there!! I cannot name everybody who helped – just know you are all appreciated very much.

The 2019 May Ball at Carrasco and the Halloween Party at The Dance Café are now organised, so if you want to go, look on the website and contact the organisers to reserve your tickets.  These events are always well attended and good fun – not to mention the raffles!!

Don’t forget the matinée of My Fair Lady on the 30th March, with coach travel if required.  Javea Players have laid this one on for the elderly (that’s me!) to avoid them having to go out at night.

Keep your eye on the Travel pages, now led by Jan Wylie.  There are new travel guides and they are keen to take you somewhere by coach, whilst Charo Brown is still leading people up the Camino de Santiago!

Summer is on our doorstep, the yellow pollen is covering the pools and we will soon be moaning about the heat and humidity!

Stay well my dear friends .

Val Dromgoole