Minutes of the General Meeting 24th April 2019 at the Parador

Ascociación Social de la Tercera Edad Javea

Committee Present:         

President:                                       Val Dromgoole (VD) Deputy Secretary:                         Jacqui Rogerson (JD) Treasurer:                                       Mick Cox (MC) Groups Coordinator:                     David Whybrow ((DW) Communications Officer               Ian Rogerson (IR) Membership Secretary                 Stan Staines (SS)

Apologies: Vice-President: Peter Allin (PA) Secretary: Margaret March (MM)     


Parador, Jávea Arenal

The meeting convened at 11.00am

1:        Welcome & President’s Report

VD welcomed everyone to the meeting, saying that all the executive-committee were present except for Vice-President (PA) and Secretary (MM), who had sent their apologies.

2:           Approval of March 2019 AGM Minutes

These minutes were agreed and signed.

3:           Announcement

              VD stated there were no announcements this month.

4:           President’s Report

VD said that plans for the forthcoming May Glitterball were well in hand with tickets selling well. The next big event is a Hallowe’en Party on October 31. VD added that the Dine & Dance Group had collected €150 for our chosen charity, Help of Denia and Marina Alta.

5:        Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer (MC) reported that there was

Current bank balance …………….    €49,695.87

Heled by Travel, SC&C etc ………    €18,640.95

Net Balance …..………………………    €30,904.92

He said we were in the process of changing banks and would notify members when the move was complete.

6:           Communications Officer’s Report

Communications Officer (IR) reported that the new website was now up and running and he hoped members had looked at it and approved of all the new features. He thanked (MM) and Piotr for their hard work in setting up the new website and running training courses. IR appealed again for someone to come forward and help him in a deputy communications/publicity role, assuring members that it would be fun and rewarding.

7:           Groups Coordinator’s Report

Group Coordinator (DW) thanked group leaders for sending their lists of members in their groups – this will help make groups communications easier. He also announced news of three new groups – Fitsteps, Motorcycles and Photography.

8:           Membership Secretary’s  Report

Membership Secretary (SS) welcomed 9 new members who had joined this month, which now brings the total up 1,294 members, which was 100 down on last year. So far this year, 203 new members had joined. SS introduced and thanked Julie Robson, who has been appointed the new Deputy Membership Secretary, for her help.

9:           Questions from the floor (AOB)

              There were none.

10:         Guest Speaker, Ray Bryant

              The meeting finished with an enlightening and thought-provoking talk on ’Cyber Security Worldwide’.

              This was followed by some interesting questions from the floor.

              Ray was thanked for his talk by Groups Co-ordinator (DW) and presented with a gift.

The meeting closed at 12.40pm