Minutes of the AGM 27th March 2019

Ascociación Social de la Tercera Edad Javea

Committee Present: 
President: Val Dromgoole
Vice-President: Peter Allin
Acting Secretary: Jacqui Rogerson
Deputy Treasurer: Sally Rush
Groups Coordinator: David McClure-Whybrow
Communications Officer: Ian Rogerson
Membership Secretary: Stan Staines       


Treasurer: Mick Cox          

Election Auditors: Roger Barkley and Irene Charlesworth         


Parador, Jávea Arenal

The meeting convened at 10.30am

First Calling

Val opened the meeting by announcing the first calling to members.

Break in proceedings

Second Calling

Val announced the second calling to members.

Welcome & President’s Report

Val welcomed everyone to the meeting, saying that all the committee were present except for Mick Cox, who sent his apologies.

Approval of February 2019 minutes

The minutes were duly signed by members David Watts and Josephine Harper and counter-signed by the President and Acting Secretary.

Announcements and Presentations

Val announced that the new website was ready to be launched. It would enable group leaders to make their own updates, which is quite exciting … and the Members’ Database would ensure better data protection. David presented chocolates to Travel Team leader Jan Wylie on behalf of her predecessor Joni Hills, who has retired from the team after many years of service

Communications Officer’s Annual Report

Ian informed members that he had been their Communication Officer for the past three years and Publicity Officer for 6 years. Ian also explained that he had been particularly busy in the transitional period from the old website to the new website. Ian said it was as exciting time for Javea U3A with the imminent launch of a bright new website and Facebook reaching the 500 members mark. There was a special gift of a bottle of wine for Facebook member number 500, Stephen Ellis, and in his absence, his partner Jo collected the prize on his behalf.

Groups Coordinator’s Annual Report

David explained that he got involved with Javea U3A soon after arriving in Spain and where he was made to feel welcome in a strange place with new friends and social gatherings. He soon decided that he would like to put something back into the association by volunteering to be Groups Coordinator when the position became vacant last year.  David announced that there were now 61 Javea U3A groups including recent additions – Australian Canasta, Mexican Train and Electric Bikes. There was also interest in starting a Sign Language group and he appealed for any member who is expert in this field to come forward and lead it. David added that it was the members who were key to the success of the association and that the committee was irrelevant.

Membership Secretary’s Annual Report         

Stan thanked all those people who had assisted him during the year and gave special thanks to Linda Coughlin (Meet & Greet Officer), Shelia (Deputy Membership Secretary) and his wife Margaret. Stan reported that there are currently 1,279 members, with 25 renewing and 22 more joining on the day.

Over the years a pattern has emerged which shows that approximately 250 new members join and 250 members to not renew.

Treasurer’s Annual Report

Sally (Deputy Treasurer) informed everyone that the year had gone well, and we have achieved our objective of supporting Groups and Events. Sally reported that the U3A current bank balance was €49,619, which included €18,439.54 being held for Events, Travel and Charities etc, leaving a balance of €31,179,95. Finally, Sally thanked everyone for supporting the Association – and delivered a Brexit-themed joke …. following in the footsteps of Mick’s obligatory offering!

Vice-President’s Annual Report

Peter was delighted to announce that there were speakers booked for every general meeting in 2019 and included talks on cyber security, the adventures of a Concorde pilot and a UN peacekeeper who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his services to peacekeeping. Our own Angela Chantry would also be giving an insight into the history of Javea. Finding good speakers is always difficult, so any leads from members would be appreciated. He also urged members to keep an eye on the Discounts List on the website, which was regularly updated and added to. Finally, he concluded that it had been a good, successful year.

President’s Annual Report

Val said that, contrary to what David had said, the executive committee was indeed relevant: Sally and Mick have to count the sheckles; Ian has to tell you what the hell is going on; David has to organise the groups and any problems that occur; if we didn’t have Stan, how would members join? Peter is very important because sometimes the only reason members come to these meetings is because we have decent speakers. So it would appear that I am the only irrelevant person! I can’t honestly say I have enjoyed this last year. It has been horrible one way or another. We have had many quarrels in the committee – we are like a dysfunctional family! We shout at each other, we send emails – you can’t believe the number of emails we send to each other over some tiny little things – so one way or another I hope it changes for the next year. Val also announced that the association will be changing banks – from La Caixa to Sabadell – in order to obtain more favourable terms.

Questions from the floor

There were no questions from the floor.

Approval of Audited Accounts for 2018

Members agreed acceptance of the approved audited accounts

Executive Committee leave their seats and join the floor

Executive Committee election results from Election Auditors for 2019/2020

Auditor Peter Barkley reported that 190 votes had been cast. He then announced the results of new committee members. With Presidential candidate John Morgan having withdrawn from the contest, Val Dromgoole was re-elected as President; Also re-elected: Peter Allin, Vice-President; Mick Cox, Treasurer; Ian Rogerson, Communications Officer; David Whybrow, Groups Coordinator and Stan Staines, Membership Secretary. The results of the voting was: Val Dromgoole, President, 84; Peter Allin, Vice-President 175; Mick Cox, Treasurer, 177; David Whybrow, Groups Coordinator, 173; Stan Staines, Membership Secretary, 177; Ian Rogerson, Communications Officer, 165.

            The new elected executive committee members returned to their places

Appointment of new Secretary

Val asked members to ratify the appointment of Margaret March as Secretary to the committee by a     show of hands. There were no objections to this appointment.

 Deputy Positions

David announced that Krystyna Stefanczyk agreed to be Deputy Groups Coordinator. Volunteers were called for the positions of Deputy Communications Officer and Deputy Membership Secretary.

New President’s Objectives

Val stated that she only had one objective and it was the same objective as last year  – ‘to have a friendly, coordinated U3A Javea’. “I don’t want to hear any more personal squabbles. We’ve tried to deal with these things and it doesn’t work. The committee is not here to deal with personal squabbles. We are here to run a U3A and that’s all we are here for. If you’ve got a group problem, you go to David; if you have a membership problem you go to Stan. These are the things we can deal with – nothing else! So let’s all be nice to each other.”.  

Questions from the floor

Questions were raised about what was going to happen when the Parador closes for refurbishment. Peter assured members that the committee had this matter in hand and are considering options, including SeeMontgo (formerly Laguna Ribs). The Javea Social Centre in the port was suggested as it would involve no costs.

Auditor Irene Charlesworth reminded members that there were collection boxes at the general meetings for our nominated charity, Help of Denia and Marina Alta.

Meeting closed at 11:40