History Talks Archive

Below is a list of the talks given to the History Group since its inception with the most recent first.

10 DecPeter AtkinsonHistory of Spain Series Part III: The 16th to the 18th Centuries
12 NovAngela ChantryHistory of Spain Series Part II: The Moors in Spain
8 OctCheda PanajotovikHistory of Spain Series Part I: Ice Age to the Romans
11 JuneAlan HuntonThe History of Crude Oil from Mesopotamian Origins
14 MayPeter AtkinsonIntersecting Lives: John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
9 AprilBarbara CravenFood in Art
12 MarchDavid ThomsRobin Hood
12 FebJohn HopwoodThe history of glass
8 JanuaryMike GranvilleA light hearted look at the history of computing
11th DecemberTom Stevenson“Ten notable Scottish personalities, from the years 1000-2018”.
13th NovemberAlan Oliver“Simón Bolívar”.
2nd October Angela Chantry“Carmen Amaya, 
the legendary Spanish flamenco dancer”.
12th JunePeter AtkinsonProhibition, 1920-1933: the Law of Unintended Consequences in Action. Peter’s last talk as Group Leader.
8th MayMike RendellPride and Prejudice: from Printed Word to the Silver Screen.
10th AprilJohn HopwoodThe History of Woolworths and the Extraordinary Exploits of the Woolworth Family.
13th MarchAlan HuntonJohn Flamsteed; the First Astronomer Royal.
13th FebruaryChristine Betterton-JonesA Brief History of Xàbia (Jávea) as Reflected in its Archaeology.
9th JanuaryMike GranvilleThe World in 1946.
12th DecemberAngela ChantryDomenico Chiocchetti and Orkney’s Italian Chapel.
14th NovemberAlan OliverThe Vikings.
10th OctoberCheda PanajotovicOld King Coal.
6th JuneMike RendellCastaway: the Real Stories behind Robinson Crusoe and the Mutiny on the Bounty.
9th MayMike FrostLord Nelson, Lady Hamilton and HMS Victory.
11th AprilPeter AtkinsonMoors and Christians: Conquest, Reconquest and Architectural Legacy. 100th History Presentation.
14th MarchMike GranvilleDuende: the History of Flamenco.
14th FebruaryAngela ChantryCasanova: the World’s Greatest Womaniser.
10th January
Peter AtkinsonA Tale of Three Cities Beginning with S: 
Seville, Salamanca and San Sebastián.
13th DecemberTom StevensonThe Jacobite Rebellions (or Risings).
8th NovemberAlan OliverPortuguese Maritime Explorers, followed by Columbus and Magellan.
11th OctoberCheda PanajotovicThe Borgias.
14th JuneMike RendellRoyal Shenanigans in the 18th Century.
10th MayAngela ChantryFemme Fatale: the Intriguing Story behind the Life and Death of Mata Hari.
12th AprilDee CraigCecil Rhodes.
8th MarchPeter AtkinsonThe Life and Work of the Catalan Architect, Antoni Gaudí.
9th FebruaryDavid ThomsUpstairs, Downstairs: English Landed Society in the 19th & 20th  Centuries.
12th JanuaryTom StevensonHistory of Scotland 1603-1714: the Stuarts.
9 DecMike GranvilleWhat About Magna Carta?  Did she die in vain?
10 NovAlan OliverThe Battle of Waterloo.
13 OctCheda PanajotovicThe Plundering of Old Egypt.
9 JuneFabio BezoariAlpi at War.
12 MayDee CraigCatherine the Great.
14 AprilAngela ChantryEva Perón (1919 –1952): Her Life, Her Legacy and the Legend.
10 MarchDavid ThomsThe Roaring Twenties and The Making of Modern America.
10 FebMike FrostLife in the Royal Navy, 1600-1970.
13 JanCheda PanajotovicWhilst London Sleeps, Samual Pepys.
9th DecemberPeter AtkinsonA Tale of Two Cities: Madrid and Barcelona.
11th NovemberAlan OliverThe Peninsular War, 1808-1814.
14th OctoberTom StevensonA History of Scotland Prior to the ‘Union of the Crowns’ in 1603.
10th JuneMike GranvilleWhat If? Some Alternative Histories.
13th MayCheda PanajotovicYugoslavia: The Country That Almost Was.
8th AprilMike RendellSlavery and the Abolition Movement.
11th MarchDee CraigCatherine de Medici.
11th FebruaryDavid ThomsThe American Wild West, 1865-1890: Myth and Reality.
14th JanuaryAngela ChantryAmelia Earhart.
10th DecemberPeter AtkinsonA History of Andalucía.
12th NovemberMary ConnattyThe Spanish Armada.
8th OctoberPeter AtkinsonThe Birth of a Nation: the American War of Independence and its Aftermath.
10th JuneAngela ChantryWho Killed the Princes in the Tower?  
Part 2: The Red Queen, Margaret Beaufort.
13th MayDee CraigVictoria’s Children.
15th April Angela ChantryWho Killed the Princes in the Tower?  
Part 1: the White Queen, Elizabeth Woodville.
11th MarchCheda PanajotovicThe Causes of World War I.
11th FebruaryLarry SherringtonThe British Empire in India and the part the East India Company Played in It.
14th JanuaryFabio BezoariSicilian Pilgrimage.
10 DecPeter AtkinsonFour Times a Pilgrim: the Medieval Routes to Santiago de Compostela.
12 NovDavid ThomsBuckets and Spades: a Social History of the British Seaside Holiday.
5 NovPeter AtkinsonThe Making of The President: A Brit’s Guide to American Elections.
8 OctMike RendellVignette of life in 18th Century England.
11 JuneClive HedgeMrs Wallis Simpson
14 MayMike GranvilleThe Decline of the Spanish Empire
2 AprilGeoff WoodwardJuan Carlos I: The Reason That Spain Has a Democracy Today
12 MarchFabio BezoariFrom Bushman Land to … Namibia
13 FebPeter AtkinsonFrom Ancient Greece to London E15: a History of the Olympics
9 JanCheda PanajotovicMary Tudor: the NICE ‘Bloody Mary’
5 DecDavid ThomsGotcha!  Law & Order in Victorian England
14 NovMike FrostPeter the Great and Saint Petersburg
17 OctAngela ChantryThe Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
13 JuneClive HedgeJack The Ripper, Motivator or Manipulator?
9 MayFred CrowsonThe Last British Civil War. The road to Appomattox courthouse.
11 AprFred CrowsonThe Last British Civil War. The rise of Confederacy.
8 MarGeoff WoodwardThe history of Gata de Gorgos as a microcosm of the Marina Alta.
14 FebMaureen StanleyHatsepshut Of Egypt: The Queen Who Would Be King.
11 JanClive HedgeThe White Star Line Featuring Olympic And Britannic.
02-Dec-10Peter AtkinsonTexas, Part 2, Reconstruction to Apollo XI.
08-Nov-10Peter AtkinsonTexas, from Spanish Colony to NASA HQ: the story of the Lone Star State.
Part 1, Pre-Columbus to Civil War.
11-Oct-10Fabio BezoariThe Anasazi or the Ancient Foreigners of the USA Four Corners region.
07-June-10Sue BentleyAfter Katherine – Henry and His Wives.
10-May-10Angela ChantryBoabdil, the last Sultan of Granada.
14-Apr-10Alan OliverSpanish History, 1939 to the Present.
8-Mar-10Alan OliverThe second Republic 1930-1939 and the Spanish Civil War.
8-Feb-10John ChunOperation Grapple.
11-Jan-10Cheda PanajotovicFrom Cavemen to Emperors.
07-Dec-09Peter AtkinsonWhat Did the Romans Do for Spain?
09-Nov-09Maureen StanleyThe Maya – Divine Kings of the Rain Forest.
26-Oct-09Fabio BezoariI Have Seen Auschwitz.
13-Oct-09Clive HedgeCapt. James Cook – a Yorkshireman’s Tribute.
08-Jun-09Angela ChantryThe Wonderful Adventures of Mary Seacole.
11-May-09Alan OliverThe Decline of the Spanish Monarchy 1814 to 1930.
06-Apr-09Sue BentleyKatherine of Aragon: “The Queen of Earthly Queens”.
09-Mar-09Fed CrowsonThe Indian Mutiny.
09-Feb-09John ReynoldsVictorian Tourists in Spain.
08-Dec-08Larry SheringtonA history of punishment and imprisonment throughout the ages.
10-Nov-08Peter AtkinsonThe Spanish Inquisition.
13-Oct-08Clive HedgeCharles Herbert Lightoller.
28-Jun-08Alan OliverThe Peninsular War.
30-May-08Clive HedgeHistory Quiz.
25-Apr-08David ThomsInterpretations of the Spanish Civil War.
28-Mar-08Sally Wells & Angela ChantrySeville & Cordoba – History, Architecture.
29-Feb-08Clive HedgeThe Defence of Rorke’s Drift.
25-Jan-08Maureen StanleyQueen Victoria and the Emperor of Ethiopia.
30-Nov-07Fred CrowsonOliver Cromwell – Hero or Villain.
26-Oct-07Clive HedgeThe Great Enterprise Featuring the Invincible Armada.
28-Sep-07Peter AtkinsonThe life and work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.
30-May-07Angela ChantryThe Borjas of Gandia.
20-Apr-07Clive HedgeMutiny on the Bounty: exploding the Hollywood myth.
02-Feb-07David ThomsThe modernization of Spain since the 19th century.
24-Nov-06Mary SearsOur Own Moors and Christians.
27-Oct-06Peter AtkinsonMoors and Christians.
12-Jun-06Angela ChantryThe Monastery at Montserrat.
05-May-06Peter AtkinsonSantiago de Compostella by bike.
05-Apr-06Maureen StanleyEleanor of Aquitaine.
03-Mar-06David ThomsShakespeare’s Stratford.
27-Jan-06Maria HollingsworthBuried Treasure in Cirros de los Santos.
23-Nov-05Ron DanielsThe Spanish Armada.
30-Jun-05Guided tour of Javea Pueblo.
11-May-05Peter AtkinsonSantiago de Compostella pilgrimage.
14-Apr-05Angela ChantryWomen’s role in reform in 19th century.
Jan 14 @ 11:30 – 12:30 Casa de Cultura
Lecturer: Cheda Panajotovic The Two Isambard Brunels – a father and son who were both [... more]
Mar 10 @ 11:30 – 12:30 Casa de Cultura
Only 17 years old when she took the throne, Cleopatra quickly became one of the [... more]