Genealogy Family History: Family Trees

Some of you may know I am the group leader for Family History.
This is quite a large group but there is always room for more.
Have you thought that one day you might like to research your family tree
but you didn’t have the time !
I have a cunning plan !
The u3a kindly pays for a subscription to the website Ancestry.
This access is shared by all the group and we are
able to build family trees on this site. If you are interested in testing your DNA
you will need your own subscription as the results can’t be shared.
There are quite a few experienced researchers in our group
who have offered to start trees and mentor those who would like to do this.
This would be by email but also the group of mentors would have access
to your tree.
I send out regular newsletters and these will now be more often.
I have also written quite a few info sheets and Mick Winn is preparing
a list of the very many useful research sites for you to explore.
One does have to have an up to date membership of Javea u3a.
In the first instance find me Lorely Griffiths on the Family History Group
on the web site and send me an email.