Board Games Group inaugural meeting

It is good to report that initial interest has been received from well over a dozen members, and the new Board Games Group will be commencing its regular activities this month. We shall be actively seeking to increase our appeal, and there will be an open invitation to all to come along and see us on our meeting afternoons.

Location: Cafe Cortados

Date/Time: First meeting Monday 10th February at 3pm. Thereafter, same time and place on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each Month

Game Plan: As the majority of the group are new to these modern games, we intend to focus on introducing 2 new games each month for the first few months. We will provide help in teaching the basics of each game and then encourage members to learn by playing them together in small groups. Each game will be available to be played in successive months as members decide which they like best.

The current programme is as follows –

February games: Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride

March: Wingspan and Forbidden Island

April: Catan and Across the Desert

This programme is our suggested starting platform, but is entirely variable if members have differing preferences

The February Games

Just as an initial taster here are a few words to describe the objectives of the first games  –

 Carcassonne  – You are a land-owning Baron in medieval France and need your empire to continue to expand. Will you develop and control new cities, or exploit the riches of the church and local monasteries, or will you employ highwaymen to steal from your neighbours?  Or maybe, all of the above………

Ticket to Ride –  The railway is coming to Europe. Can you be first to lay the tracks that link the vital cities across the continent and make your fortune? Or will others beat you to the routes you need…..?

Each of the games being introduced in the coming months are easy to learn and  to play and generally can be completed in about an hour. Above all they are good fun to play.

We look forward to seeing you.

Bill Dunham

Group Leader

Board Game Group