Group Leaders:  Karen White & Clive White
Email Address:  walking@u3ajavea.com

It is your responsibility, as Walkers, to look at the walk characteristics and ensure that you are capable of doing the walk. Walkers participate at their own risk and are responsible for their own medical cover.

Walking – health

Meeting Venue:  Various

Meeting Day/Time:  Normally Mondays, 09:50

Contact the Group Leaders for details.

These are approximately 1 hour walks which occur every Monday morning. They take the form of a friendly, social walk-and-talk that concludes with an optional visit to a local café/bar for a coffee. 

The pace is basically set by those participating. Faster walkers lead at the front, slower walkers amble at the back. It is not a race. The route is marked with plastic feet, making it easy to follow.

Most of the walks are on good roads or tracks and are fairly flat. Some walks will contain segments on rougher and/or more hilly terrain.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring water when necessary.

Walking – gentle

Meeting Venue: Outside Casa del Vino, Calle Burdeos, Arenal

Meeting Day/Time:  10:00 Every Wednesday

These walks are for those who like to walk at a slower pace or have mobility problems. 

Each walk will be up to a maximum of 45 minutes over flat ground and a good walking surface (i.e. pavements or tarmac). The walks finish with a coffee and a chat at a local establishment (optional).

No walk will take place on the last Wednesday of the month where it would clash with Jávea U3A Meeting. When there is no meeting, we shall walk. 

All Jávea U3A members are welcome but all walkers participate at their own risk. 

If you think that you might be interested please contact the Group Leader at the address above.

Walking – intermediate

Meeting Venue:  Various

Meeting Day/Time:  Normally Thursdays, 09:50


Contact the Group Leaders for details.

Intermediate Walks are aimed at those who want more than the one-hour walks offered by the Health Walks, Typically these walks will be about 2 hrs long (plus rest/viewing stops), but occasionally some may be longer, up to 3-4 hrs.

The terrain will be a mixture of roads, unmade camis/tracks and countryside trails. The countryside trails tend to be narrow, rough compacted dirt and rocky paths. These can be slippery after damp periods and the vegetation through which they pass can be prickly. 

Walkers are advised to wear strong suitable shoes and bring drinking water. On the longer walks (3-4 hrs), you may want to bring a snack as we normally take a 15-20 minute break around half distance. Don’t forget your cameras.

Walking Group Reports

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