Membership Renewal 2020

Renewal subscription 5€ due from January 2020

Paying in Cash

We will have five membership desks, arranged alphabetically, open for renewals payments at the meeting on 29 January from 9.30am to 12 noon. 

Two desks will be open at the February meeting.  There will be two further opportunities to renew, at the March and April general meetings. 

You can also pay by Bank Transfer – click here for details

Please note however that if you haven’t renewed by the AGM in March you will not be eligible to attend or vote. 

Members who have not renewed by the April meeting will be assumed to have left the association and if they subsequently decide to rejoin it will be as a new member and a joining fee of €10 will be payable in addition to the annual membership fee.

Whilst payment of the renewal subscription can be made any time up to the April meeting, those who haven’t paid are not permitted to take part in any U3A activities in the meantime. 

If you have any queries contact as below

Membership contact

Payments contact