Group Leader: Christine English
Email: discussion@u3ajavea.com
Meeting Venue: Centro Social, next to the Centro de Salud, Plaza de la Constitución, 1st floor, end of corridor
Meeting Day and Time: 1st Friday of the Month, 16:00 to 18:00
Accepts new members: Yes

This group is very informal. No one has to speak if they don’t want to, they can just sit and listen, but you would be surprised to find how often you find that you do have an opinion, which you want to voice.

The subject for each month is chosen the previous month. Anyone can suggest a subject, and if we all agree, that is the one we shall discuss. We have 7 or 8 stalwarts who always turn up, but we would really like more members, it would make for a greater divergence of views and more fun for everyone.

If you require any information on this group, please contact the Group Leader on the email address above.

Discussion group, March 2019

Centro Social, Javea, next to the Plaza de la Constitución underground car park

Previous discussion subjects:

  • Prostitution, should it be legalised?
  • Is Free Speech in Jeopardy?
  • Is there any justification for the huge differences in pay rates between the highest paid executives and the shop floor workers? report
  • The results and implications of the UK Referendum on staying or leaving the European Union and The results and implications of the Spanish General Election. report
  • Transgender/Gender Identity. report
  • Can politics be discussed in a kinder more gentle way?
  • Is marriage becoming outdated? Who benefits from it now and who did before?
  • Should we keep the differentiation between an asylum seeker / refugee, and an economic migrant?
  • What should be the proper response to African refugees trying to get into Europe by boat?
  • Is change a necessary function of human progress or should it be resisted for as long as possible?
  • That the pursuit of virtue is a greater incentive to good than the hope of reward or the fear of punishment
  • Has the pursuit of political correctness gone too far?
  • What can be done to counter inequality between the sexes?
  • Artificial Intelligence, should we welcome or fear it?
  • Is nature or nurture mainly responsible for one’s adult character?
  • Is multiculturalism a good or a bad thing for the U.K.?
  • Is There a Moral Responsibility to Future Generations to Leave the World Environmentally Improved and How Can We Do That?
  • Does travel broaden the mind?
  • Is there ever a moral justification for war?
  • What can be done to counter inequality?
  • With regard to immigrants from different ethnic cultures, should human rights be enforced in the U.K.?
  • Dare we look at the possibility of there being more than one God or none at all
  • Nature or nurture in upbringing: which is more influential?
  • The benefits of Multiculturalism – are there any?
  • The Leveson Enquiry: does it go far enough? And will it be acted upon?
  • The European Union
  • Is platonic friendship possible between two members of the opposite sex?
  • Is the world population a good thing and, if not, how should we deal with it?
  • Looking at Comparative Religions.
  • What do we think of Britain in Europe?
  • Is bad parenting to blame for rioting, looting and violence?
  • Platonic friendship is impossible between two people of the opposite sex!
  • Are women programmed to be subservient to men?
  • Pacifism is the only answer to the world’s problems
  • What is essential for the pursuit and achievement of happiness?
  • Do we have the right to impose our system of government on underdeveloped countries?
  • Is marriage becoming outdated?

For details of the future topics for discussion, please contact the Group Leader at the address above or on  96 647 3023. The Group Leader would also welcome other suggestions for discussion topics.