The contrasting lives of two great US Presidents

Peter Atkinson gave another excellent History Group presentation – this time on the ‘Intersecting Lives: John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson’.

Described by Peter as “the most difficult presentation of his 16 talks to the group” – despite the fact that there have been so many books, films etc of the two US Presidents, he put a different slant on it and delivered an interesting and informative account.

Peter compared the lives of the two, from the privileged upbringing of Kennedy and the humble beginnings of Johnson, from birth to death, including a thought-provoking look at the unexplained assassination of JFK.

Thanks also to co-group leader Tony Dearie for “saving the day” by rescuing the venue from an unplanned clash with a TV political debate as well as replacing the batteries of a dodgy microphone halfway through the talk!