Rummikubs Two Thursdays

Group Leader: Val Dromgoole
Email Address: 
Meeting Day and Time: Weekly on Thursday 15:00 to 17:00
Meeting Venue: Café Cortado in Jávea Port Accepts new members: Yes

Rummikubs is a game played with tiles numbered 1 to 13 in 4 colours x 2 + two jokers.  There can be 2 – 4 players and you make melds of 3 or more tiles.

Confused?  Intrigued? 

Then come along any Thursday just before 15:00 and we will explain this very simple game to you.  But, be warned, it can become addictive!

We are not a large group, usually around 20 people, but very friendly.  We have a cup of coffee or something stronger; we have a few laughs a bit of a gossip between games and we don’t take losing seriously.  It’s nice to win but, if we don’t, we come back the following week with more determination. 

We circulate the tables from week to week by picking a number from a bag, so we don’t always play with the same people, this way we get to know each other better. 

We do play all year round.  In the summer we play outside, under the awning, and during the winter inside this cosy café.  Our members come and go, either back to the UK or Germany or Andora, or simply having lunch with some other friends.  But they always come back and are sure of a warm welcome when they return.

If you do not know how to play we can teach you so just come along and join in.

If you might be interested in joining this group, then email the Group Leader at the address above.

There is another Rummikubs group within the U3A Jávea. To see their details, click Rummikubs Wednesdays.