Questions & Conclusions

Group Leader Kevin Sheehan
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Kevin Sheehan is the Group Leader. He started a debating group outside the Jávea U3A but now wishes to offer the opportunities for Jávea U3A Members to participate.

The current debating group (Questions & Conclusions Dublin) uses the Poperian debating system which is a variation of the British Parliamentary style practised at the Oxford Union, Trinity College Dublin, and Harvard.

There are plenty of procedural rules but the essence of Questions and Conclusions is to pose a question on ANY topic and to then enter the debate on that topic.

Ideally groups of 4 participate.

  • The first person poses a conclusion and gets a vote from the others so say if they agree or disagree. They then have 5 minutes to make a speech in favour or against the topic/motion.
  • Next, each of the other 3 participants have 5 minutes each to question the speaker on their views/comments expressed in their speech. Only questions can be asked of the speaker. Opinions of the individual questioner are not allowed at this stage.
  • After everyone has questioned the speaker another vote is taken on the speakers conclusion.
  • The next person in the group then takes their turn and the process repeats.

Questions and Conclusions started in Dublin and have regular meetings/debates, for their  website – click on Have a look at this website to see past and present debates and an explanation of how it works. The new Questions & Conclusions Jávea U3A group will be able to listen into the Dublin debates  via Skype to get the idea and then either continue that way or create topics of interest specific to the Jávea U3A group.

If you are interested in joining the Group, or have any questions about it, please contact Kevin on the email address above.