President’s Report – June 2019

At last summer is here, I have finally managed to swim without raising my shoulders and whingeing my way into the water.

Firstly, I have to thank Helen, Lorraine and Jacqui for a splendid May Ball. The weather was perfect, although I’m not sure if they had a lot to do with that. The food was beautifully presented and the wine was plentiful. The Black Glitter (despite the fact that they had a ‘straight from the beach’ look) were excellent. Those of you who didn’t come really missed a good night out.

But, if you missed that one, we have the Hallowe’en Party to look forward to. Remember that these places are more limited than the Ball venue, so get in early. I already have my ticket!

We have a Producer for the Extravaganza in November. Good old Shirley King has stepped up to the mark again, thanks Shirley. We have a volunteer to compére the show and we have a couple of ‘voluntary’ acts. We will have a short Panto again and for this we require volunteer actors – give your names to me or Shirley. If you feel you can give a little performance of your own, we would be highly delighted, even ecstatic, to receive your details. Shirley has sourced a choir with strict instructions not to overrun!!!!

The website is coming along but still has a few little issues. The one thing that seems to be causing a smidgen of a problem is contacting the Committee. On the page that has all our ugly mugs on it, we have a title in blue, e.g. President. If you click on this it will take you to an email form with the relevant address already filled in. Clever, eh?

We, the Executive Committee, are considering moving the AGM to earlier in the year to give the Gestors, LexTax, time to register the Association with the relevant governing bodies before they get tied up with tax returns. I will keep you informed on that one and we will give you fair warning to get your nominations in.

I’m off on two cruises this summer, the first on the new Saga Ship and the second on a Riviera Cruise in Germany. As a consequence I will not be back in time for the September general meeting, but I leave you in Peter Allin’s capable hands.
Have a great summer,
Val xx
AKA Val Dromgoole, President U3A Jávea