President’s Chat – October 2019

August 1st 2019

I’ve finished cruising and having adventures through Europe.  The cruise along the Main river through Bavaria was different.  We went through many, many locks and we saw many, many half-timbered houses!  But we ate, drank and were very merry!!

While I was away the Gardening Group started up and that seems to have taken root, with its members enjoying each other’s gardens.  My garden could do with some attention after all that rain …. if you want to try pulling up weeds please come round.

The Travel Team needs help.  Well, let me quantify that, Group Leader David Butt needs help as he seems to be the sole survivor of our very busy travel team. Where are you all when you are needed?  He has arranged all these trips, but needs help to take the names and money from members wanting to go on them. He has done all the hard work, now just give him a hand. 

Volunteers please email David on or any member of the Committee.

There appears to be a little confusion with the Canasta groups.  Val Cox run two groups called Canasta JARS 1 (Thursday) and 2 (Tuesday), Lynn Montague runs two groups called Canasta.One Monday and Australian Canasta (also Thursday). Val’s groups are both full.  Lynn’s groups are not. 

Lynn’s straight Canasta on Monday takes beginners, improvers and ‘experts’.  Lynn’s Australian Canasta has a little more room – again she is happy to teach beginners in this very addictive game.

The Hallowe’en Party event (on Thursday October 31) is very near now.  I hope you all have your outfits ready – I don’t need one, I’m scary enough!  Chris and Andy MacPhee are promising us a great time with good food, music and prizes. 

Then we start gearing up for Christmas. This month at the Parador meeting we will be trying to boost the Help of Alta Marina charity donations with the sale of Shirley King’s Christmas cards and some of my Jammy offerings.  There will also be some ‘Poppy’ cards, kindly donated by Theresa Hulmes, in aid of the Poppy Appeal of the British Legion.  So bring lots of money.

Next month (Wednesday November 27) is the Extravaganza!!

Val xx

AKA Val Dromgoole, President U3A Jávea