President’s Chat – September 2019

August 1st 2019

Good Day Everybody,

Here we are again, ready for the ‘autumn’ session with Hallowe’en Party, Extravaganza and all the Christmas parties.  If you go to everything you should explode on Boxing Day! 😂

I am still on my summer holiday and won’t be back until October, so leave me a ticket for something.

I had an easy drive through Spain from Jávea to La Rioja, where I stayed with my Spanish family and friends and attended their Patatas Bravas fiesta.  Hot, hot sunny days.

I then took the ‘pretty’ route to my Scottish friend’s in Cantabria. The journey started well, bright, hot sunshine.  But I climbed a mountain and as I was reaching the top the clouds came down and the storm started😱. There I was, 1300 metres high, couldn’t see a thing and the road was twisting backwards and forwards.  

I followed the snow measuring sticks for about 10 hours (which actually turned out to be about 20 minutes) doing 20 kilometres an hour at the fastest points. Nightmare journey!

My next journey was 13 hours to Calais.  I stopped around midnight and threw myself across the front seats of my car for a couple of hours. So tired by the time I got to my final destination somewhere in Kent. My car has not moved from that spot since!

Barbara Gorrod and I cruised for five days on Saga’s new ship the Spirit of Discovery.  Beautiful ship, lovely carpets, everything new and lush. We stopped in Ijmuiden Holland.  Everyone got off to go to Amsterdam and we went for a walk around the shops near the harbour.  

Next stop was supposed to be Heligoland, but there was a swell running and the captain decided it was too dangerous to put his precious tender into the water, so we took photos from afar.  

Then Zeebrugge, where everyone got off to go to Bruges or Ghent. We stayed on board in the warm and dry and played Rummikubs and Canasta.

At the moment, I am back in Kent, my car is where I left it, and we are repacking to go on a Riviera cruise along the Main in Bavaria.

Don’t forget to go to the Parador and book all you desire and I will see you in October.

Val x


Val Dromgoole