President’s Chat March 2020

Hello Members,

I hope you are all keeping well.

This is my last President’s Chat. It doesn’t seem that long ago since my first. It has been a turbulent two years, culminating in this dreadful situation we now find ourselves in.

There is nothing we can do about it except to follow all the guidelines from the proper authorities and not to panic by reading all the rubbish that is put on Facebook and other media sites by people who are ill-informed.

Today was the funeral of a dear colleague, David Whybrow, who has served us well on the Committee as the Groups Coordinator. There were a lot of people there to pay their respects. Helen very kindly asked for donations to our current charity, Make a Smile.

Krystyna Stefanczyk, the deputy Group Coordinator, has willingly stepped into the breach temporarily. It is horrible to have to ask someone to replace David, I feel as if I am disrespecting him in some way. If there is a bright side to anything, with the suspension of all group activity he will not have to be replaced immediately.

Because we have had to cancel all meetings our Secretary, Margaret March, and her IT team have produced an on-line voting form for you to vote remotely. Please use it. I know there doesn’t seem much to vote for but it is sometimes a relief to know you are out there and paying attention to our communications. We, the Committee, work hard to keep this U3A going and it is nice to be acknowledged now and again. I am sure the new Committee will feel the same.

Dave Butt and Angela Chantry will keep you updated regarding trips. Your group leaders will keep you updated as to when they will be resuming. Please pay attention to the website for information.

That just leaves me to say I have had some good times during my Presidency, for which I thank you most sincerely. Stay well, dear friends, and be kind to each other.

Val xx
AKA President U3A Jávea