President’s Chat

PRESIDENT’S CHAT                                      

Well, that was some storm!  I hope you all survived it intact.  I was perfectly safe in my brick built villa with my overflowing swimming pool, but felt for those of you living on the camp site, must have been scary!

We had to postpone the Committee Meeting last Monday (I wasn’t going out in that!).  We met in the Parador on Wednesday instead. 

We now know that the January Open Meeting is under control.  New members will be signed up in Sala Azahar (that’s the room opposite the Reception).  Old members will be paying their subs downstairs in the big hall. 

There will be many group leaders also present for you to sign up to new groups, have a gossip and generally make a lot of noise!  Dave Butt and the Travel team, with some new faces, will be there to take your final payments for some trips and your deposits for others.  Angela and Tony will be there also taking final payments and deposits for their Spanish Culture and Cuisine trips.

In a couple of weeks’ time we, the members, treat the group leaders to lunch.  This lunch is for group leaders only, i.e. the one or two people who are named on the group page on the website.  We, the members, know that other people step in and help out from time to time and for that we are truly grateful, but we cannot take everybody!  So only the named group leader, no spouses, no helpers, no committee members.  Except, of course, David Whybrow who is organising and paying for the whole thing!

Now for the important bit.  My time as President is nearly over and the U3A Jávea still does not have a nomination for this post.  I have loved (mostly) my time as President but it is time for me to take a back seat.  My body is disintegrating and my friends are becoming impatient with me.  My eyes need attention, my knees are giving out, my hips are fine because they have already been replaced, but now my back hurts.

To get back to the important bit.  If we don’t have a President, we don’t have a U3A.  Please, please, please, will one of you younsters out there come and preside over the very efficient Executive Committee and their deputies.  I promise you, apart from this ‘Chat’ nothing takes more than a few minutes per day.  Each morning, over my cup of tea, I read the emails, answer them and go on my way.  Once a month I attend the Committee Meeting; that takes 4 hours plus an hour of preparation.  Once a month I attend the General Meeting; that takes another four hours plus an hour of preparation.  Total is a couple of hours a week.  It isn’t a full time job, all you have to do is keep 6 other people from deviating from the agenda, which is sometimes harder than you think (lol!).  Remember Mike Frost’s quote ‘we are just a bunch of old farts trying to have fun’.

OK.  Enough for now, go out, have fun in the sun, see you at the Parador at 9:30 on Wednesday 29th January.

Val x

AKA Val Dromgoole, President U3A Jávea.