Group Leader John Woolschlager
Email Address pickleball@u3ajavea.com 
Meeting Venue Paris 24 (Avenida 24, Arenal) or Palau Municipal d’Esports t.b.d
Meeting Day and Time t.b.d
Accepts new members

Please be aware that members taking part in this activity do so entirely at their own risk. Members are responsible for their own medical cover.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA and now is becoming popular in Spain, the UK, and internationally.  Pickleball is fun, easy to learn, and offers tournament competition for beginner to advanced players in all age groups.  It is a sport that has been very appealing to retired persons and the average age of pickleball player in the USA is 64. 

Pickleball is played on a court the same size as the one used for badminton doubles with a net height set similar to tennis. 

The Group Leader and his wife are avid pickleball players and he is a certified pickleball coach. 

Additionally, the Group Leader has current first aid/CPR certification from the Red Cross.  Nets, paddles, and balls needed to play pickleball will be provided.  

Want to know more about Pickleball? Watch this introduction