Philosophy for Life

Group Leaders: Colin Simonds & Angie Underwood
Meeting Venue: Nostro Cafe Costa, Carrer Joan Fuster 2 (Port of Jávea).
Meeting Day and Time: Friday 16.00-17.30
Accepts new members: Yes

If you are looking for a social group that goes a little deeper in conversations, then this group could be for you. At our socials, we encourage positive ideas and philosophies for creating a happy, loving, creative and healthy lifestyle. Problems feel easier to cope with when you have compassionate listening. The group is especially valued if you have lost a loved one and as you make new friends, any feelings of being on your own are easier to deal with. During the social, there is an option to look at what’s meaningful for you in your life. We all have pearls of wisdom & insights and we encourage people to share these if they wish.

It’s important that we don’t take life too seriously, so the socials are a lot of fun too.

Colin is assisted by his close friend Angie, who will host the group when he is in the UK. That enables the group to continue throughout the year.

We use insight cards, intuitive drawing and simple encounters that Colin has gleaned from his many years in the field of personal & spiritual development and philosophy for life.

We warmly welcome you to our caring and friendly group. Email: Colin