New Spanish Culture & Cuisine trip on Friday 31st January: A Visit to “Senorios de Relleu”.

The farm has been in the family for many generations and the old traditional olive press still stands in the courtyard, a testament to the long history of producing olive oil here.

There are young olive trees alongside thousand-year old ones; our guide will explain the process of cultivation and we will visit the installations where the whole process of preparing, preserving and bottling olive oil is carried out. Finally, all the phases of a tasting (visual, olfactory and taste) will be outlined, the nuances of flavour, and which foods each oil should be paired with. The olive oils have won many awards and there will be an opportunity to purchase at the end of the tour. Following our visit we will have lunch in a nearby restaurant, with amazing views towards the coast.

Full details of this trip will be on the SC&C page on the website soon.

Group leaders: Angela & Tony