Minutes of the General Assembly 25 September 2019

Committee Present:

Vice President: Peter Allin
Secretary: Margaret March
Treasurer: Mick Cox
Communications Officer: Ian Rogerson
Groups Coordinator: David Whybrow
Membership Secretary: Stan Staines


President: Val Dromgoole

1. Welcome

Peter Allin welcomed members present to our first meeting after the summer break.  He said a special welcome to new members.

He asked members to turn off or put mobiles in silent mode and respectfully asked that members do not leave the meeting before it was formally declared closed.

2. Approval of General Assembly Minutes June 2019

The minutes were agreed and signed.

3. President Report

There are a number of Group Leaders who have decided to step down.  These are:

  • Marion Monsell, Group Leader of the Solos On Sunday Group has decided to return to the UK in October.  Marion has been Group Leader since 2005, when the U3A Jávea was first formed and she has done a wonderful job of running the Solos On Sunday Group.  Huge thanks go to Marion for all her hard work and we have a gift or two in recognition of her sterling service to the Association.
  • Marion came forward to accept a gift of a rose and voucher for a local restaurant. She thanked everyone for the gifts for their kindness, Marion said: “The best thing that ever happened to Javea is the U3A. I have made so many friends through it and it has resulted in many friendships and even some romances over the years. She added “I do hope I have made a contribution to this and helped make Javea a happier place. I will miss you all.”
  • Angela Chantry & Tony Dearie, who due to their heavy commitments running the Spanish Culture & Cuisine Group, have decided to step down as Group Leaders of the History Group after the group’s December meeting.  They have done an excellent job over the past three years, for which many thanks, so we have a little gift for them in recognition of their hard work. Angela and Tony were presented with a rose and a bottle of wine for which they thanked everyone.
  • We now hope a volunteer will come forward soon to be the Group Leader of the History Group.
  • Pam Coombe, Group Leader of the popular Petanque Group, has done an excellent job of running that group for the past 9 years or so.  She has now decided it is time to stepdown.  Again massive thanks go to Pam for all her hard work and in recognition of her hard work we have a couple of gifts for her. Pam was not present at the meeting but another member came forward to receive the gifts on her behalf.


  • We still have a vacancy on the Committee for Deputy Communications Officer.
  • In addition we need volunteers to assist David Butt on the Travel Team, due to other members of the Travel Team having unexpectedly to step down for personal reasons or ill health. 
  • We therefore urgently need volunteers to fill these vacancies as soon as possible.  Anyone who is interested, please contact any member of the Committee.

4. Vice-President Report


  • Hallowe’en Dinner Dance – Organisers Chris and Andrew McPhee now have 117 members attending this event which will be held at the Dance Café, Toscamar.  The event will feature the excellent Brink Band.  Members who have not yet paid for their tickets should so as soon as possible.
  • Extravaganza – this will take place here in the Parador Hotel on Wednesday 27 November.  Organiser Shirley King has organised a number of amusing acts, booked the English Choir made up of 30 people, mostly women but with some men also and a short panto. 
  • We also have Bob Johnson aka Bobby Valentine acting as compere for the event. President Val Dromgoole is arranging the mince pies and sherry, so all we need now are volunteers to run the raffle in aid of HELP of Denia & Marina Alta.  Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated. Contact me immediately after the meeting or by email to vice.president@u3ajavea.com that will be great.
  • The U3A End of Year Christmas Party– Organised by Mike Frost to take place on Thursday 28th November at Restaurante Masena for a cost of €28 pp.  There are only 15 places left. If you wish to attend please check out the website for full details here https://u3ajavea.com/info/event/end-of-year-lunch


  • We will close down our old website U3A Jávea.org at the end of this month or very soon after.  Please be sure to use the u3ajavea.com address in the future when navigating to our new website.
  • I hope you have noticed that there are a number of collection tins scattered around this meeting hall for our nominated charity for this year, HELP of Denia & Marina Alta.  It would be jolly nice, if members could find it in their hearts to put some spare coins in these containers, so they have a purpose and not just stand there as items of decoration. 
  • In addition HELP have an office in La Xara, which supplies various items to assist people and they have just moved their charity shop from Moraira to Teulada where it is easier to park. 

5. Membership Secretary Report

Stan reported that there were 16 new members who joined today, plus a further 5 who had paid online. There were 8 renewals bringing our total membership to 1359.

Stan informed the meeting that all renewals for next year 2020 should be made in January or February.  Renewals after that date will not be eligible to vote.  Renewals after April will be required to pay a joining fee in addition to the renewal fee.

Stan then apologised to the meeting in general and the Speaker in particular for having to leave the meeting at that point as he had a hospital appointment at Denia.

6. Groups Coordinator Report

David gave his own thanks to the Group Leaders who were retiring and wished to reiterate the urgent need for Travel Team volunteers because Travel events form such an important part of U3A Javea’s activity program.

He added that 3 new groups had been formed:

  • Sea Fishing by Colin Olver
  • Chess by Roy Brown which has 7 members but needs at least one more to make up pairs
  • Gardens by Marilyn Staus

The Camino Walking Group led by Charo Tames-Brown is no longer under the travel Team remit and can be found as a separate group on the website here https://u3ajavea.com/info/camino-walking-group – a new contact email has been created so check out the group page for details.

Finally David made a plea for all Group Leaders to send him their lists of members so we can annotate the Membership Database and for Group Leaders to change over to using their new email addresses because the old ones will not work after 30 September.

7. Communications Officer Report

Ian said he tried to keep everyone up to date with information about activities but that he depended on members keeping their email addresses up to date and also checking their ‘spam’ folders in case Newsletters were mistakenly put in those.

He added that comments had been made that the Newsletter should feature articles about more of the Groups. For this he needs input from Group Leaders and urged them to send him photos and information that can be included.

He also urged members to check the website www.u3ajavea.com regularly for updates on all the activities U3A Javea has to offer.

8. Treasurer Report

Mick reported that the new account with Sabadell was working well and that the old account with Caixa would be closed soon.

Finances are in a good state as follows:

            Total held                    54,034.01€

            Travel, SC&C               23,750.00€

            Charity                          1,122.23€

            Balance available       29,211.28€

He announced that Benitachell Bowls Club was looking for new members if anyone was interested.

Mick finished with his customary joke which met with much laughter from members.

9. Any other business

There were no questions or topics raised by members.

10. Guest Speaker

Peter introduced John Hopwood who gave a very enlightening and informative talk about the History of Bicycles with some interesting and amusing slides illustrating bicycles and their varied and unique riders, who appeared to come in all shapes and sizes!

A little-known fact about the U3A’s own Vice President, Peter Allin was revealed at the end. His forefathers owned and ran the successful Allin Cycles business in London, which only ceased in 2000 when the family sold up. The business was renamed Chain Reaction!

Peter thanked John for his entertaining talk and presented him with a gift for himself and a rose for his wife.

11. Closure

Peter closed the meeting by reminding members that at the next meeting in October, our speaker will be our own Angela Chantry who will be talking about “The History of the Royal Town Of Xàbia/Jávea”. 

He added that this talk will be very interesting indeed, in that there is a lot to discover about Jávea and Angela always researches her subject meticulously.

Finally Peter thanked all for coming along today.