History Group Lending Library

The group has a library of history books, videos and DVDs which are available for loan to group members. Some of the items were purchased from group funds and many have been donated by group members. If you wish to borrow an item please email the Group Leaders at history@u3ajavea.com.

Ref Title Author Notes
1 Paul Preston
3 The Spanish Inquisition Joseph Perez
4 The Story of Spain Mark Williams
5 Travellers in Spain David Mitchell
6 The Royal Armada (Magazine) Manorial Research
7 Confident Hope of a Miracle (Armada) Neil Hanson
8 1588 – Armada – (Magazine) History Today
9 Queen Elizabeth I – (Magazine) History Today
10 Journey For Our Time Marquis De Custine
11 Bloody Mary (The Life of Mary Tudor) Carolly Erickson
12 Stalingrad Anthony Beaver
13 Cromwell, Our Chief of Men Antonia Fraser
14 A History of England Keith Feiling
15 The File on the Tsar (The Fate of the Romanovs) Anthony Summers
16 The Oxford History of Britain Keneth O. Morgan
17 The First Eden: The Mediterranean World and Man David Attenborough
18 A History of the English-Speaking Peoples (1. The Birth of Britain) Sir Winston Churchill
19 A History of the English-Speaking Peoples (2. The New World) Sir Winston Churchill
20 A History of the English-Speaking Peoples (3. The Age of Revolution) Sir Winston Churchill
21 Stopping Napolean Tom Pock
22 Louis and Antoinette Vincent Cronin on loan
23 Edward I John Chancellor
24 Edward II Caroline Bingham
25 Edward III Paul Johnson
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U3A History Group Lending Library
Ref Title Author Notes
26 Edward IV Gila Falkus
27 Richard I John Gillingham
28 Richard II Michael Senior
29 Richard III Anthony Cheetham
30 Henry V Peter Earle
31 King John Maurice Ashley
32 The Norman Kings James Chambers
33 The Saxon Kings Richard Humble
34 William I Maurice Ashley
35 Alfred the Great Douglas Woodruff
36 (DVD) The Lion in Winter Anthony Harvey (Dir.) on loan
37 (DVD) Lawrence of Arabia David Lean (Dir.)
38 (DVD) Becket Peter Glenville (Dir.)
39 (DVD Box Set) Marco Polo Giuliano Montaldo (Dir.)
40 The Imperial Achievement John Bowle
41 The Guiness Book of Naval Blunders Geoffrey Regan
42 The Dukes of Norfolk John Martin Robinson
43 (Videos) Pole to Pole Michael Palin
44 (Videos) Around the World in 8 days Michael Palin
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