Garden Group – upcoming meetings

If you would like to attend either or both of the following events, please email Marilyn Staus at


On April 26 we will visit El Sueno (the dream) Botanical Gardens in Ondara. We will car share for people who want to do that and I’ll give details of the meeting place to new members. We always meet at 1.30pm. There will be a charge of 6 euros for the tour of the gardens and tea. On the way back, we will stop for a drink and/or snack.

If you are interested, please let me know so I can adjust the number on the tour. You will be asked to drop off the money at my letterbox by my front door in Javea — and again, if interested, I’ll send that information. The last day to pay is April 12.


On May 24 at 1.30pm we will be going to Gary and Lindsay Johnson’s villa for a discussion of water-wise gardening with PRIZES for the best three ideas. The weather should be lovely and we are having a pot-luck lunch. Again, for those joining us, I will issue details when you sign up.

In the meantime, enjoy your garden – every day this spring produces more colour in mine.