Non-executive role

Tasks and Duties

  • Keeping the Policies and Procedures document up-to-date.

In the absence of the Secretary:-

  1. The writing and distribution of notices calling for meetings as directed by the President.
  2. The drafting and distribution of agendas for meetings.
  3. The taking and recording of minutes of the governing and representative bodies.  These minutes must be approved as a true record of the proceedings held at the next meeting, and duly signed by the secretary and the president following such approval.
  4. Keeping the Policies and Procedures document up-to-date, this is a relatively new document which is held in the central Jávea U3A Document Store.  It underlies the Statutes of the Association.  Currently it needs to be written as and when the Executive Committee deem necessary.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Good note taking skills, shorthand would be an advantage, but not essential.
  2. Working knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010 or above.
  3. To obtain a working knowledge of the current Executive Committee members by shadowing the Secretary at some meetings throughout the year.
  4. To obtain a working knowledge of the Secretary’s other tasks by working with the current Secretary during the AGM.