Albaida and Bocairent day trip

Thursday 4 June 2020

Departing Interiors 08:45

This day trip starts with a visit to the amazing puppet museum in Albaida. There will also be time to look around the village and have a coffee break.

Please check out the local tourist information website for further information.

Located in the Palace of the Marquis and Marquise of Albaida, a building from the late fifteenth century, the puppet museum is a centre dedicated to the study and dissemination of the art of puppetry. The collection of the museum has been essentially made from a historical perspective, allowing it to define the characteristics typical of the puppets, underline their evolution and cultural context, and pick up the latest trends in audio-visual and scenic spheres.

The centre also has a library, a video library and a documentation centre which is now publishing its first texts. The museum, also known by the acronym MITA (synthesizing the full name International Puppet Museum of Albaida), opened in 1997 and its collections show the major traditions of puppets from different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Puppets of some of the international companies and some puppeteers who have excelled in their creative uniqueness are also exhibited. Also, special attention to animation cartoons both in films and television is dedicated. More than 400 pieces joined in recent years, such as the puppets of Gomaespuma or Francisco Sanz Automatons, among others.

We then proceed to Bocairent where there will be free time to explore and have lunch at one of the various restaurants if you wish.

Please check the tourist information link below for further information.

Bocairent is one of the most picturesque towns in the province of Valencia and the Valencia Region. Its importance throughout history is evident in its monuments and its heritage. When we talk about Bocairent, we speak of “the town where the stones speak.”

Full details and cost will be provided later.

Advance notice only – bookings are not yet open for this trip.

Trip Leader Dave Butt email