The main purpose of the Jávea U3A is to encourage lifelong learning and friendship for those no longer in full time employment, by providing Educational, Recreational and Leisure Activities for its members.

The Jávea U3A is governed, administered, and represented by the representative body called the Executive Committee. They are assisted in this task by a non-Executive Committee and by the IT Team.

Your Executive Committee

Margaret March
Job description

Groups Coordinator
David McClure-Whybrow
Job description

 Job Descriptions for Executive Committee roles

See the Jávea U3A Statutes for details as to how the Executive Committee operates

Your Non-Executive Committee

Your IT Team

We hold a monthly meeting on the last Wednesday of most months in the Parador Hotel, Jávea.

All Jávea U3A members are welcome to attend. See the General Meetings page for more details.

The fiscal and social address of the Jávea U3A is:

Carrer d'Avall, 31
03730 Jávea

Information about Jávea U3A

Executive Committee Elections

Each year, the Jávea U3A are required by their Statutes to hold elections to choose those Members that will constitute ...
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General Meetings

Apart from January, July and August, and December, the Jávea U3A holds a General Meetingevery month. These are currently held at the Parador Hotel, Jávea on the last Wednesday of ...
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Grievance Procedure

Any member of the U3A Javea having reasonable cause to complain about the behaviour of another member which may be ...
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Group Leader Guidelines

It is the Group Leaders who make the running of the groups possible; it is their freely given hard working ...
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Join U3A Jávea

You need to complete the form that will appear once the first question, below, has been answered and pay 20€ ...
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Members Code of Conduct

It is expected that every member of the U3A Javea will behave in a respectful and courteous manner in all ...
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Payment By Bank Transfer

Members can pay for events, trips, renewal or joining by Bank Transfer or payment into our account at the branch ...
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What is the Jávea U3A?

The Jávea U3A is an association for English speaking people who are no longer in full time work to provide ...
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