CLaude Grealy

Claude Grealy

Tasks and Duties

  1. Provide leadership and legal representation of the Association through the delegation of the General Assembly and the Committee (which includes the Executive Committee).
  2. To chair and run/manage all meetings of the General Assembly at the Parador Hotel and the Committee (which includes the Executive Committee).
  3. To sign the Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the General Assembly.
  4. To sign minutes of meetings submitted by the Secretary and approved by the General Assembly and Committee (which includes the Executive Committee) as appropriate.
  5. To keep the General Assembly informed of all notices and events as they affect the Association through the Association’s monthly newsletter, at General Assembly meetings at the Parador Hotel and through the Association’s website.
  6. To write the leader article of the monthly newsletter of the Association and to proof read and approve the monthly newsletter (prepared by the Communications Officer).
  7. To respond to e-mails received in the Enquiries and Suggestions e-mail boxes.
  8. To ensure that best practice is applied in managing properly the Association and the Committee in accordance with the legal statutes of the Association.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Good leadership skills.
  2. Good communication, writing, editing and presentation skills.
  3. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  4. Good organisational skills.