A well-researched presentation to the History Group, with Cheda’s inimitable style of humour!

Speaker Cheda Panajotovic’s presentation at the latest Javea U3A History Group meeting was well received by a near-capacity audience at Casa de Cultura. His talk, entitled Spain: Ice Age to the Romans, contained Cheda’s usual mix of well-researched information and humour. Cheda’s slideshow which, in his own words, began from the “start of time”, included influences on Spain of the Bronze Age and the Romans. Cheda asked: “What did the Romans bring to Spain” – and then listed numerous things including Latin, roads, coinage, olive trees, theatres, underground heating, communal baths and toilets as well as beautiful mosaics. He also illustrated how the Romans built bridges including the spectacular aqueduct of Segovia. Cheda also talked about the Neanderthal Man – and drew laughter from his audience with images of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson to illustrate current-day similarities! (report by our Javea U3A Communications Officer, Ian Rogerson).

Group leaders Angela Chantry and Tony Dearie thanked Cheda by presenting him with a special bottle of red wine, which bore the label “Cheda”!