A Poem by Sally Wells

The following has been written by long standing U3A Javea member, Sally Wells, who has given her permission it to be posted on the website. Sally has summed up how most of us feel.


My world is contracted through isolation
No shopping, no partying, no anticipation
So to pass the time I clean, scrub and dust
Which keeps me busy as I know I must.

So I was having a think in the garden one day
On how contented I was in a safe mellow way
And as I watched the palm trees waving to and fro
Under a clear blue sky, it made my heart glow.

I heard birds singing a lovely melody
And thought they had written it just for me.
The peace and tranquillity was so, so sublime
I truly thought I was lost in time.

So I was happy one day singing out of tune
When I was hit by a meteor which spun the room.
It smashed my complacency and hauled me into reality
I saw death and heartache with painful incredulity.

                       Some time later after a mug of disinfectant

I finished a Sudoku to energise my brain
Will the world and our lives ever be the same?
So I decided to ditch my rose tinted glasses
And felt a positive spirit which nothing surpasses.

We WILL see Javea again, our beloved town
Resplendent again in her sea coloured gown
And we will see Montgo aglow through different eyes
Her beauty has sustained us and never dies.

We will meet our friends, how great that will be
To have coffee overlooking a diamond studded sea.
We will reflect on these times, I hope you agree
How privileged we are to be safe and free.